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We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

-From all of us at Adoray


COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Our first Adoray SARS COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic was a great success.

We were able to provide vaccine to 103 individuals!

Thank you to everyone who traveled in the snow to attend the first of Adoray's Vaccine Clinics on February 4th. 

Adoray will be hosting our second COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic on Thursday, February 18th. We currently have a waitlist for those interested in receiving the vaccine. You will be contacted once we reach your name on the waitlist. Our patients & volunteers are priority when it comes to this waitlist. 

Current Eligible Populations for COVID-19 Vaccine

-Frontline health care personnel

-Residents in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities

-Police and fire personnel, correctional staff

-Adults ages 65 and over

-Must be Wisconsin residents

As you are aware of volunteers, family members, or individuals in the community that fit into this category - please have them call the Adoray office at 715-629-1888 and asked to be added to waitlist for vaccine administration. 


Can't volunteer & looking for a way to help the stores?

We understand some of you are uncomfortable working in the stores but are still wishing to help.  We have many fun plans in the stores in 2021 and are in need of items to help with these projects. 

We can use : neutral color spray paint (please no cans of paint just spray paint will be accepted), E6000 adhesive, sand paper, small nails and tacks,  Modge Podge, chalk board paint, and sponge brushes. 

We will use these items to repurpose items for resale so watch facebook to view our creations!


Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for making these amazing Remember-Me Items for loved ones to cherish for many years! 


Claudia Dilts-Thurman     1-Feb

Dona Mae           5-Feb

Kelly Gullixson    5-Feb

Rachel VanSomeren        6-Feb

Dave Hense        7-Feb

Barbara Trombley            9-Feb

Mary Hense        9-Feb

Nancy L Johnson               9-Feb

Jan Ellefson         11-Feb

Mike Lifto           12-Feb

Rosemary Donahoe         12-Feb

Kimberly Gruber               13-Feb

Virginia Larson   13-Feb

Dawn Fossler      15-Feb

Bob Enloe           16-Feb

Karen Niccum    19-Feb

Emily Dress         20-Feb

Harold Berglund          21-Feb

Jacqueline Campbell        23-Feb

Judy O'Neil         23-Feb

Dawn Wachter   24-Feb

Sherri Pinke        26-Feb

Emily Bourget    27-Feb

Yasu Fehlen        27-Feb

Francis Hira        28-Feb


Dear Volunteers,

We are still in search for a forever home for Marge. 


Reminder on New Store Hours and Donations:
OPEN: Wed. - Fri. 10:00am - 6:00pm & Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm
FOR DONATIONS: Please call the store you plan to donate to schedule a drop-off time

💥NEW SPECIAL at all our Adoray's Treasures from the Heart stores.💥
Why limit happy to one hour? From 4-6pm it's always Happy Hour at Adoray's Treasures from the Heart! Get Double Punches with every purchase of $20 or more Wed. - Fri.

💜 Adoray's Treasures from the Heart - Osceola
💜 Adoray's Treasures from the Heart - River Falls
💜 Adoray's Treasures from the Heart - Baldwin


Baldwin 1

Our Monday crew hard at work preparing for the week. This is what happens every Monday morning.  They tag, hang and steam clothing, clean shoes and prepare purses.  This process helps stock the  store for opening on Wednesdays.  There is lots of banter.   Mondays is known for playing "the blame game".  Lots of laughs.  Reminder: End of February, spring will be arriving at Treasures 1.


Baldwin 2

Jane has been volunteering at Treasures from the Heart for about 3 years now, in the role as our Librarian! From sorting and organizing in the back room, to keeping the Library shelves filled by Genre and/or Authors. Jane comes in numerous times a week to make sure we have our readers supplied with their book needs. We could not do it without Jane. Jane provides us with Words and Sweets. Thank you Jane for all you do!


Greetings from Treasures of the Heart-River Falls!

Meet Malysha MacFarlane, our volunteer for many various areas of the store!

Malysha is from Osceola, WI and resides in River Falls, WI. She is a senior student at UWRF, majoring in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Her second language is Chinese. She has a goal to highlight a specialty of working with immigrants, refugees and “SLIFE” students. She has experienced a lot of exposure to various languages and cultures through traveling to 14 countries, living in Taiwan, participating in a traveling backpack program and several other fabulous adventures. Something of food culture she was not fond of tasting was stinky tofu. She would rather be happily drinking her favorite beverage of Bubble Tea!

Malysha became apart of volunteering at Treasures of the Heart-River Falls in September 2020. In such a short time span, being a full-time student, she has already hit 100 hours of volunteering with us! She was very surprised to learn we have so many aspects to what is done behind the scenes to make things a success at the store. Often, she will notice items we have received as donations and has shared the joy with us how they have a personal memory for her. We have a lot of artwork and Malysha has a love for art and photography. Photos she took on a trip through Europe, were a part of a well-recognized display at the UWRF.

She loves horses and began riding when she was 7 years of age. She loves to have fun while she is volunteering, but we don’t ever have to keep her from “horsing around” too much! She loves to embrace everything in life and there is no limit of happiness for this lady. Malysha says, “All things can be joyous in some way”! She has been able to learn many areas of the tasks we perform. She is a friendly cashier, helps bundle items for sale, checks DVDs and CDs to be sure they are complete, she assists stocking the floor, she has helped with displays in our candle department and most of all, she loves to tag and hang the clothing for the sales floor! She enjoys the variety of fashion that is donated, from baby clothing to vintage clothing. Malysha explains how she feels that volunteering is somewhat a selfish activity. She is giving back to the community and embraces our passion for Adoray’s mission. However, she feels she has gained much more than she has given. She loves that we have caring relationships with our volunteer family, we have recognizable connections of friendship with our customers and we all have a true passion to help those around us to meet a common goal for Adoray.

Thank You Malysha for all your volunteer services and for sharing the wonderful person you are with us!


Linda Holm

Linda Holm is our tagging gal.  We can always count on Linda to be here on Tuesdays and most Thursdays, to tag all the clothing we have sorted from the previous donation days.  Linda is always full of stories to share - especially about her childhood days growing up in Almelund, MN on the farm and this week she even brought us one of her favorite treats - some Swedish Sausage!  Linda lives in Osceola and walks to work - we're pretty sure she gets at least 10,000 steps per day to stay active.  We are thankful for Linda's attention to detail here, as she is always making sure the cashiers have the bags, boxes, hangers they need and she keeps our store neat and tidy by cleaning, taking the garbage out and breaking down the cardboard boxes for us as needed.  Linda spent her younger years working in the local grocery store and knows the value of good customer service and how important it is to greet the customer.  Linda is a Green Bay Packers fan and even had her nails painted green this week - Go Pack and Go Linda!

 Adoray Activity Corner 

Check back next month for January's puzzle winners and some more fun puzzles!

We are still accepting and in need of homemade masks 
For anyone in need of materials please reach out to Joleen Larson at j.larson@adorayhomecare.org or by calling her directly at 612-987-6721 to coordinate a fabric pick-up. 

Virtual Suggestion Box

Do you have ideas on how to make Adoray a better place to work and care for patients? Submit your ideas using the virtual suggestion box. This box will be monitored daily and will be forwarded to the appropriate manager for action.

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