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Dear Volunteer Friends,

January is the time for resolutions.  Often, though, it’s hard to make them stick for the whole year!  I’ve been pondering what I can do about this, and have realized that making resolutions are promises to ourselves.  So, we need to make promises that we would have a very hard time breaking.  Personally, I think it would be very hard to break a promise to a best friend.  Aha!  I thought, I need to be my own best friend!

You deserve to be best friends with yourself.  I mean, you are all so amazing!  Seriously, though, as caregiving type people, it is so easy to put ourselves last.  So, this year’s challenge is to put yourself first.  Sounds daunting, but the way to begin this type of resolution is to break it down into smaller goals.  Maybe January will have a few items each day to start with that are simpler and achievable.  For me, I am beginning my day with 10 minutes of basic yoga stretches, and drinking 6 bottles of water a day (16 ounces each).  Then, when February comes around, I will have some success and feel empowered to add a few more achievable goals. 

How do we decide what items to add, subtract, or enhance in our lives?  The following article from Better Homes and Gardens, has 56 ideas.  Here is the link, so you can read the entire article, but I’ve also listed the first 30 items to get you started.


55+ Achievable New Year's Resolutions for Healthier and Happier Living

Yes, diets and workouts are on the list — but what about happiness and peace in your life?

  1.  Build a better budget.
  2.  Cook one new thing each week.
  3.  Read more books.
  4.  Join a club.
  5.  Create a cleaning schedule you'll stick to.
  6.  Drink less alcohol.
  7.  Quit smoking.
  8.  Eat veggies regularly.
  9.  Share your resolutions one-on-one.
  10. Try a new diet plan.
  11. Book all your doctor's visits for the year.
  12. Take the stairs.
  13. Cut calories in a fraction of the time (by using an Instant Pot). 
  14. Become a plant owner.
  15. Plan a vacation (when it feels safe to do so).
  16. Start doing yoga with your partner.
  17. Drink up (Water!).
  18. Consider therapy.
  19. Volunteer.
  20. Listen to novels while you work out.
  21. Lift weights.
  22. Do one new exercise move.
  23. Decorate with family history.
  24. Sanitize your phone weekly.
  25. Try hydrotherapy.
  26. Delegate more chores.
  27. Keep clutter out of the kitchen.
  28. Wear workout gear that makes you feel good.
  29. Donate old clothes.
  30. Explore new hobbies.

Remember, start with a few simple items, and when February comes around, you’ll be able to add more.  Think of it like taking care of yourself, putting yourself first, and of course, being your own best friend. 

Be well, stay safe, and give yourself grace.

Blessings and Peace for the New Year,



In an effort to stay active for the New Year, Bailey and I have been making frequent trips to the dog park! 


COVID 19 Vaccine Update

Currently, we are not able offer the vaccine to our volunteers. We hope to make this available to our volunteers in the near future. Please watch for communication from Adoray on this topic as it quickly evolving.

We have included some information from the State of Wisconsin below on the different phases of who & when certain individuals will receive the vaccine.


Can't volunteer & looking for a way to help the stores?

We understand some of you are uncomfortable working in the stores but are still wishing to help.  We have many fun plans in the stores in 2021 and are in need of items to help with these projects. 

We can use : neutral color spray paint (please no cans of paint just spray paint will be accepted), E6000 adhesive, sand paper, small nails and tacks,  Modge Podge, chalk board paint, and sponge brushes. 

We will use these items to repurpose items for resale so watch facebook to view our creations!


Quilt Donations

Comfort Quilters

Roxann Peterson

Adoray has been extremely blessed this year with donation of quilts from volunteers!

 Pictured on the left is a donation of 20 quilts from Comfort Quilters. Adoray also received a donation of 10 quilts handcrafted by Roxann Peterson pictured on the right. We thank Roxann & Comfort Quilters for using their gifts and talents in such a beautiful way.  We are proud to be recipients of these beautiful quilts, which will provide comfort to hospice patients.


Dear Volunteers,

We are still in search for a forever home for Marge. 


Reminder on New Store Hours and Donations:
OPEN: Wed. - Fri. 10:00am - 6:00pm & Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm
FOR DONATIONS: Please call the store you plan to donate to schedule a drop-off time

💥NEW SPECIAL at all our Adoray's Treasures from the Heart stores.💥
Why limit happy to one hour? From 4-6pm it's always Happy Hour at Adoray's Treasures from the Heart! Get Double Punches with every purchase of $20 or more Wed. - Fri.

💜 Adoray's Treasures from the Heart - Osceola
💜 Adoray's Treasures from the Heart - River Falls
💜 Adoray's Treasures from the Heart - Baldwin


 Adoray Activity Corner 

Congratulations to our December puzzle winners, Joanne Ottman and Kathy Svoboda! 

They solved the hidden message and will receive a prize in the mail! 

“It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love.”

Enjoy the January Crossword Activity and email your answers to Brenda at b.bader@adorayhomecare.org for a chance to win a fun prize!


We are still accepting and in need of homemade masks 
For anyone in need of materials please reach out to Joleen Larson at j.larson@adorayhomecare.org or by calling her directly at 612-987-6721 to coordinate a fabric pick-up. 

Virtual Suggestion Box

Do you have ideas on how to make Adoray a better place to work and care for patients? Submit your ideas using the virtual suggestion box. This box will be monitored daily and will be forwarded to the appropriate manager for action.

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